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Bleach Icons: Grimmjow

I know 10 isn't much, but i'd like to see if anyone of you download this,
because i don't know if you like the icons and if i should continue doing it?
Please comment so i know :) Thank you!

Do not hotlink
Comments are appreciated
Do not repost any of my work without permission
Credit me when taking. (LOOK HOW)
Add me as a friend :)

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40 Icons With Ashley Tisdale.

Hi, wha'ts up? :D I'm good, well next month i will have no net :( Anyway i do not want to go to school, again wake up at seven o'clock - horrible! But it's a muss... Ok, but now are holidays, so i don't wanna talk 'bout school :) Just enjoy this free time hehe. Well i've made a set of 40 icons with Ashley Tisdale! Yes, I like her, this new album 'Guilty Pleasure' is amazing! I love it :D


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-> Please, comment if you're taking any icon!
(Comment makes me happy!)
-> Please, credit me if you're taking any!
(If you don't know how, click this link)
-> Please, don't claim icons as your own.
(I made them, just pics aren't mine)
-> If you like what you see, make friend with me :)
(I like meeting new people!)

6 PSDs!

So, here we go again. New 6 PSD's for your free use! Hahaha. I hope you like them... I like :) Again, you have to give a pass when you will want to open *.zip folder. If you like comment <333. Thank you. I think anyway, they are better than these stuff with 7 PSDs :>


password: honey
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